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My Life
Voices of the Times (Extracts from the book)
My World Outlook
Innermost things
Thoughts on the Experiment. January 2001.
December 6, 2013 the 100th anniversary of the birth of Nikolay Amosov

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Nikolay Amosov

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  "To teach people how to live without assurance and at the same time not to be paralyzed with indecisioness is the philosophical task of our epoch"
Bertrand Russell
"This site can be presented as my private philosophy. It is an attempt to understand the world and myself, so as not to fall prey to illusions and nor grow weak at the end of my life (Stop, Amosov! May be illusions would be better? No? this is not my way). There are the life instincts: to eat, to look good, and to sleep. And more -curiosity and self-expression. I am 86, I have a long life behind me; now almost all my interests are no longer relevant, only one is left-information. But for this, to better understand I have to talk and write. I know, that I myself will not create something outstanding, nor influence anybody even if they'll read it, people are not up to this. But I have no choice: to stop means to die. I'll say it in such a way: I have my philosophical position."
N.Amosov. 14.12.1999
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