Compact Disk (CD) on History of Computer Science
"History of Development of Information Technologies in Ukraine"

Book about CD "History of Development of Information Technologies in Ukraine"

Compact disc "History of Development of Information Technologies in Ukraine"
We call your attention to a compact disc "History of Development of Information Technologies in Ukraine", covering for the first time the significant contribution of Ukraine to the world process of information technologies development.
The above-mentioned is presented in detail (in Ukrainian, Russian and English) in the following expositions:
  1. The brief historical reference.
  2. The forgotten "Thinking Computer" of professor Alexander N. Shchukarev.
  3. Sergey A. Lebedev - the founder of the first computer in continental Europe.
  4. Victor M. Glushkov - the founder of information technologies in the former Soviet Union.
  5. Founders of industrial control computers.
  6. Pioneers of ship radio-electronic systems computerization.
  7. The first on-board computers of space and rocket complexes, as well as their founders.
  8. Ekaterina L. Yushchenko - the founder of theoretical programming in Ukraine.
  9. Vadim E. Lashkarev, the pioneer of p-n transition in semiconductors.
  10. How "the silicon grove" has grown from the microelectronics.
  11. Nikolay M. Amosov - the founder of biological cybernetics.
  12. The leader of the computer industry in Ukraine.
  13. The creators of unique computers - our countrymen: Izrael J. Akushsky, Nikolay P. Brusentsov, Mikhail A. Kartsev.
  14. History of the computer science and technology in photos.
  15. The list of books on the contribution of Ukraine to development of computer science and technology.
  16. Pioneers of information technologies in Ukraine in photos with voice comments.

©Boris N.Malinovsky, ©Vera Bigdan, ©Tamara Malashok